Date: 2014-06-28
I have been interested in doing some family research on the Damhuis Family name.
I have come up with the below web view so far. Still needs refinement.

The plan is to fill in a Google spreadsheet, and share that spreadsheet with the greater Damhuis family over google docs.
Hopefully the other Damhuis folks will fill in all their info, and share the family tree data.
This spreadsheet (in portion) will then be made publicly available via JSON, and this web page will display the whole family tree. (Only basic details). In Google Docs, and only to fellow Damhuis family members, will be able to see a more detailed family tree, and share in all the information
This is still a work in progress

Please contact me through twitter or google +, if you would like to help.

Basic code retrieved from css3-family-tree on

1) See that all child nodes are highlighted in blue.
2) See that all parent nodes (father side for now) have a border in red.
3) See that maried couples have the surname displayed.
4) The above is done 95% with CSS styles and 5% JQuery.